Infuse Your Family Vacay with Culture with AmaWaterways

Looking to infuse some culture and wanderlust into your family vacation? Or maybe you’re considering a trip where both the kids and the grandparents can enjoy themselves? Whatever the parameters, AmaWaterways presents itself as the contender you might’ve never considered — but should. We’ll cover the broad-strokes basics for your consideration.

Photo: Life onboard

Worldwide luxury adventure

Nothing expands perspective quite like travel, and few trips can compare to the itineraries provided by AmaWaterways. River cruises throughout Europe promise to whisk you between enchanting cities (think: Budapest, Vienna, Amsterdam, Strasbourg and Nuremberg) and idyllic villages set in the quaint countryside. Or voyages along the Mekong, threaded between Vietnam and Cambodia, immerse you in timeless traditions and colorful heritage found in rural villages, historic pagodas, colorful markets and Buddhist monasteries.

Photo: CocoCay

Family-friendly accommodations

Those traveling with their family (or similar small group), will be sure to cherish connecting cabins and triple-occupancy staterooms, as they allow you to stay close to your loved ones but still spread out enough to have your own space. Of course, these feature the same luxurious amenities of AmaWaterways’ other staterooms that you know and love — like their signature twin balconies.

Quality family time aboard

Ultimately, family trips are about the time you can spend with your family, and AmaWaterways facilitates that both on board and on shore. Family dinners have never been so sumptuous or spectacular as when sitting around The Chef’s Table — watching the chef prepare your multi-course meal, redefining what “dinner and a show” means. The addition of a full-sized pickleball court on the ever-stunning AmaMagna makes for a lively game night. And, on shore, a full fleet of complimentary bicycles available on its European ships guarantees a family bike ride that you’ll all talk about for years to come. Whether hoping to expose your teenagers to a healthy dose of culture, or reconnect now that they’re all grown up, AmaWaterways is the premier choice for family time abroad.

Photo: Breakfast onboard

An ideal way to make the most of your family vacation? With the trusted guidance of a travel agent on your side. Not only will you have plenty of time to enjoy what we’ve listed above, but we’re sure you’ll also enjoy AmaWaterways’ philosophy of attention to detail, constant innovation and guest-first culture — on top of the exclusive perks and amenities secured by yours truly. 

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